How would you like to live in a location with miles of beaches located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean? Mild winters and hot summers dominate this vacation playland that is filled with any apartment rental you can ask for. Virginia Beach offers the best in lifestyles with many apartments renting and purchasing options. A home for military and students alike are always available.

Two bedroom apartment located by the University, this apartment is ideal for sharing. The two bedrooms are of equal sizes, and both have double closets. The kitchen is separated from the dining by swinging doors. The kitchen has a semi-circle table with a built-in bench seating. The living room is large enough for everything, a student or military personnel could cram into it. The bathroom is equipped with an eight selection shower head and a double vanity, and medicine chest.

Like most of Virginia Beach, the location is not far from the beach. Situated close to shopping, laundry, restaurants and the movie theater this location is central to everything. The tidily kept lawn is ideal for sunbathing and a bar-b-cue with the neighbors. This beautiful tree lined street offers pleasant neighbors in a kept up neighborhood. This two family house is 30 years old and updated to have to offer a modern lifestyle for the tenant. If you are a University student, you won’t need a car to get there. Depending on which base you’re located out of there is easy transportation available.

The heating and cooking are both gas that the tenant pays, and the electricity is included in the rent. All of this comes with a rent of $950.00 per month.

These apartments do also allow smoking and small pets. The lease is for one year and then afterward a month to month basis.

There is one more apartment available in this area. Again it is good for the student life and includes the electricity. This duplex is a two bedroom with eat-in kitchen. All rooms are oversized with windows facing both the beach and the city. Located at a three apartment Victorian, this apartment has been kept with all the Victorian décor including the stained glass, a non-working fireplace and new carpeting and tile put down throughout the premises. New plumbing has been installed with a boiler room that contains space for an apartment size washer and dryer.

This apartment is in mint condition and is situated on four private acres. This apartment is also a one-year lease with month to month tenancy after that.

For information regarding either of the two apartments available, you can visit the place personally and inquire whatever you want. Special dispensation provided for the military personnel who are deployed while living here during the year lease. So, bring yourself here and look at these beautiful apartments that indicate the beauty in a true sense.