Apartments That Make Your Stay

Apartments That Make Your Stay More Pleasant!

Looking for the ideal apartment from the cost’s point of view doesn’t come easy. The solution may be closer at hand than you think. Austell GA apartments have it all, including the right cost. Situated so that it is overlooking the beach while being closed to the shopping and commuter transportation, you will find the perfect living space.

The inner beauty of these apartments is equipped with a space saving microwave, dishwasher and granite kitchen with lots of cabinet space, as well as a pull down garbage bin to keep those unsightly recyclables and garbage out of sight. The living room and dining area has a wall of glass allowing you to overlook the beach.

Spacious is another adjective that can be used for this living space. These apartments hold 2100 square feet with 1 ½ baths and a master bedroom consisting of the perfect closets. These closets include shelving and double bars to provide you more hanging space. The master bedroom is also a loft, and the stairway leads you right past the glass wall so you can have a view as you are coming down the stairs.

The master bathroom also provides a small closet space, double sinks, and vanity as well as a garden bathtub. The ½ bath is conveniently located off the front door entrance.

The kitchen dominates your attention immediately, however, once you go through the kitchen, you will enter the dining area that separates the kitchen from the dining room in a high style.

Wooden floors throughout and the best-manufactured ceiling fans with speed and direction control are located right next to the entrance of every room, coming in both directions.

Located on the third floor, an elevator will save you walking up and down the staircase if that is what you want. To screen the visitors, there is a 24 hour 7 day a week doorman who will announce all the visitors.

If you are interested in buying, there are availabilities throughout the building with the same or similar floor plans.

One of the best locations in Austell GA, this building, continues its security with alarm systems available in each apartment as well as sprinkler heads in the hallways.

This building entices you to live here and to become a permanent resident through buying. The cost of both rental and sale prices are low. No huge down payment to buy and only 1st month’s rent and security deposit to rent. While you are renting and loving your space, you will be able to give first-hand consideration to buying an available unit for just as low as renting.

Small pets are a welcome addition to our community here. Another convenience is the dog park located across the street next to the public tennis courts. Located just down the street from there is the public park that contains benches and picnic tables.

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